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Since our early beginnings in 2003, it's been Amtech's mission to source and supply New Zealanders with effective, cutting-edge medical supplies. Our service is wrapped in care - it's our aim provide healthcare clients with innovative products and solutions, so they can focus on what matters most - caring for their patients.

Our Spirited Amtech family is continually looking for clever ways to up level our service so our client can up level theirs. Realising their goal far beyond fulfilling medical product orders, we're constantly coming up with new and useful solutions that maximise business and patient outcomes for healthcare professionals.

We show that we care

We care a great deal for our customers, suppliers, and staff. We are a community that works together to get exceptional outcomes. We care that everybody is successful, happy, and achieving what they need to do.

We get it done

We stop at nothing. We don’t let others down. We function as a team—if one of us fails, we all fail.

We trust each other

We trust each other to make the right decisions. Everyone is empowered to make decisions and take initiative.

We are loyal

We are in this together. We are loyal people who enjoy the great times and share in the tough times. We are loyal to each other, loyal to our customers, and loyal to our suppliers. We have honest discussions and tell it like it is.

We depend on each other

We are a community. We support and encourage. We are dependent on each other, we combine our strengths, and we continuously learn, grow, and take on new responsibilities.