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BD Needles Infusion And Solution Sets And Accessories IV Cannulas IV Catheters Needle And Syringe Sets
Needle Counters Nipro Needles Securement Devices Sharps Containers And Wall Brackets Spinal Needles
SplashShields Syringes Terumo Needles Winged Infusion Sets  

SH591-Codan IV Set with Backcheck Valve in Leur Lock Connector 200cm Sterile (ME-B401)

NZ $11.16 excl GST

SH590-Hospira Clave Trifuse Add On Set with 1 Bag (CH3266)

NZ $59.06 excl GST

SH589-Hospira Clave Bifuse Add On Set 36cm Each (CH3187)

NZ $51.19 excl GST

SH561-Bard Statlock Foley Adult Silicone Tricot

NZ $18.70 excl GST

SH562-Bard Statlock Foley Paediatric Silicone

NZ $14.76 excl GST

SH525-Medtronic Introducer Sheath (070011)

SH556-B Braun Sterican hypodermic Needle 22G x 2" 4650018 Box 100

SH556-B Braun Sterican hypodermic Needle 22G x 2" 4650018 Box 100

NZ $28.22 excl GST

SH276-Albay Bee Venom Injection Treatment Kit

NZ $704.24 excl GST

SH523-Nouvag Disposable Tubing Set (6022)

NZ $32.16 excl GST
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