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STD1305-Dynek Dyloc 3/0 Suture 76cm 3/8 Circle Reverse Cut 18mm Box 36

NZ $420.31 excl GST

Product Description

Dyloc is a monofilament, non-absorbable suture. Dyloc can be used as a subcuticular or interrupted suture. 

It maintains tensile strength in situ, and when used correctly will result in superior cosmetic finish. Dyloc softens in the mouth due to its thermo-elastic properties.

Tissue will not infiltrate or attach to the monofilament thread. 

Dyloc knots remain secure and hold very well with minimal tissue bulk. 

Suitable for use in Dental surgery, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. Can be used as an alternative suture to Novafil, Miralene and Pronova

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