DAT510 - MicroScreen 6 Panel Urine Testing Drug Cup and Lid with 5 Adulterants and Temperature Strip

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with Certification to AS/NZS4308:2008 Workplace Testing Standard.

Tests for 6 Drugs of abuse:
 Amphetamine 300 ng/ml
 Benzodiazepines 200 ng/ml
 Cocaine 300 ng/ml
 Methamphetamine 300 ng/ml
 Cannabis 50 ng/ml
 Opiates 300 ng/ml

Also tests for 5 adulterants:
 Creatinine (CRE)
 Nitrate (NIT)
 Specific Gravity (S.G.)
 Bleach (Bl) 

Instructions for Useto view the detailed instructions of how to use this cup. The cup will come in two Parts, you will receive this Foil package which has in it the Cap of the lid, (and also the sensitive drug readers),,  and then the cup which. Please follow the detailed for usage instructions. The MicroScreen Drug Cup is a verified urine collection cup which tests for 6 drugs of abuse and gives a result within 5 minutes. The MicroScreen cup is an easy to use, cost effective solution for workplace drug testing.
Certified to AS/NZS4308:2008 Workplace Testing Standard
Who uses MicroScreen Drug Cup?
 Workplaces who prefer to do drug testing themselves, Occupational Health & Safety companies, medical centres which do workplace testing and employment agencies.
Why choose the MicroScreen cup?
 This Drug Cup is Certified to AS/NZS4308:2008 Workplace Testing Standard and it is easy to use. Microscreen is a trusted brand name and the cups come with a built in temperature strip and are both cost effective and reliable. Each cup only takes a small amount of space to store